What type of food are available?

We daily present many different pieces, of freshly made Danish smorrebrod. Warme and cold. Our evening menu follows the season.

When can i book a table?

You can always call us in the opening hours on 0045 48 30 21 30 (we recommend you call before 12 pm, or between 16-18pm) otherwise you can book online at anytime.

  • There may be special time of ordering table for the holidays.

You can book online on our webpage

A reservation for more than 8 peole the menu must be ordered in advance, and is served to the entire table.

Payment with credit card

If you pay with a credit card, a fee equal to what the card issuer charges us, will be conferred to your bill. Danish issued credit cards:+ 0,75-0.85% - Foreign-issued credit cards pt.: Visa / Mastercard + 1.78%. American Exprex & Diners + 2.40%

Can we book via email?

No. Please use our online booking, on our webpage or call us.

Cancellation and amendment of existing reservations?

Any changes and cancellations of existing reservations is to be made as soon as possible so that we are able to offer guests on our waiting list any vacant tables, and Cancellation and amendment can only be made by calling us - 0045 48 30 21 30

Do I have to pay a deposit when booking?

Deposit may occur.

Can one hold an event/banquet in the restaurant?

Yes, it's possible to book a part of the resturant or the yard. This need to be arranged with the owner Berit.

Can you meet special dietary requirements?

We offer some gluten-free and vegan pieces for lunch. But not in the evening menu, only if you order in good time.

Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes, we sell gift certificater and they can only be purchased at the restaurant.

Are children allowed in the restaurant?

We do welcome children. However we do not provide high chairs and we do not have a nursing room for young children. Baby carriages etc. are not allowed in the restaurant room.

Do you have a children's menu?

We do not have a specific kids menu.

Are dogs allowed in the resturant?

Dogs are welcome in the yard, we do expect that you will be respektfull to other guests and our furniture. Dogs are not allowed inside the resturant.

Is there wheelchair access?

The resturant is bulid in two levels, it is possible to enter with a wheelchair and be seated at the ground flor. There is one step down and our staff is always ready to help. We have no disabled toilets.

Can we bring your own water, beer, alcohol and spirits?

We do not allow your to bring own water, beer, alcohol and spirits.

Can we bring a birthday cake or the like?

We do not allow you bring your own cake or other food.